2018 Round Table Leaderboard

This year you can earn rewards for your participation in the monthly round tables.

The better your submission is, the more points you’ll earn. Everyone gets 10 points just for participating, as long as the submission qualifies (is on topic, has some explanation and not just one or two sentences, and doesn’t need a lot of editing with grammar and punctuation).

For each round table you can earn up to 100 points. Beyond the base 10 points, you will earn additional points by adding images, files, or links to other sites or videos in your submission. Go into step-by-step instructions and you’ll earn more points. Earn a max of 100 points by being our editor’s pick. Also, you’ll earn bonus points for participating in multiple round tables.

Rewards start at 100 points and can be viewed at the bottom of this page. If you have enough points for a reward, send me an email with the reward you want. I will deduct the points from your total and send you the info. Until then, here are the points listing for everyone who has reached at least 100 points. (Updated December 29, 2018)


THE TOP 6 for 2018

665 Jennifer D
660 Tory T
540 Laura S
420 Stephanie P
415 Cindy G
390 Elizabeth O



This list is alphabetical by first name.

210 Adam F
220 Ali S
295 Allison V
130 Amy M
140 Andrea W
100 April K
370 Ashley S
300 Ben Sn
20 Benjamin Se
290 Bernadette K
180 Christopher K
415 Cindy G
160 Craig H
290 Dan L
140 Dana C
100 Darlyn S
230 Debbie N
150 Eli M
390 Elizabeth O
160 Eva C
160 Francine B
115 George D
150 Illisa E
110 Jason P
100 J.B.S.
665 Jennifer D
100 Jim T
100 Joe C
215 Joseph P
170 Josh Rei
140 Joy C
100 Katie La
170 Katie Lu
100 Kelly C
190 Kelly M
110 Kimberly M
190 Kirk F
120 Krystal S
100 Laura L
540 Laura S
370 Leah F
100 Lisa H
100 Lisa K
260 Lisa R
190 Mary L
100 Matt S
370 Meghan F
120 Michele P
265 Mike G
145 Moshe A
300 Nikki B
120 Peanut H
110 Philip D
160 Philip R
110 Randall G
110 Randy V
100 Rhona K
160 Robert J
240 Sandra S
100 Sandra T
110 Sara R
180 Sarah Me
170 Seth H
100 Sheila H
130 Shelly N
120 Sherry N
320 Sophie S
420 Stephanie P
140 Sue B
220 Susan R
130 Tara C
140 Ted C
100 Tim M
300 Tink R
100 Toni D
660 Tory T
160 Tricia K
100 Vicki L
150 Wayne S
100 Whitney W


All the rewards are downloadable (most are PDFs). You can view more information about each one by clicking on their image. These are all available for sale in my Patchwork Marketplace store, as well.

If you want to spend some or all of your points, simply email me at [email protected] and tell me which one(s) you want, and I will email you back with a code you can use on Patchwork. Please Note: There is a separate point system for items bought on Patchwork which has nothing to do with these points for the round tables.

100 points

150 points

200 points

250 points

300 points

350 points

400 points

450 points

500 points

600 points