Does your camp have a zipline? Are your return campers getting bored with the it? Been there done that, kind of a thing?

Here’s a challenge that I started a few years back and it has hula-hoopbrought new life to the ziplines I’ve worked on. Take a Hula-Hoop and place it on the ground, under the zipline about midway, or closer to the end.

Let the campers/participants know that anyone who can toss the Hacky Sack into the Hula-Hoop will win a camp store buck (or bragging rights). The Hacky Sack, however, must stay in the Hoop and not roll out.

footbagThis easy set-up of a challenge has gotten campers excited about going down the zipline again.

if you want to take it a step further, say your doing some team or cabin competitions, then get a tarp and some spray paint and make a huge target on the tarp. Each ring of the target is worth more points the closer it gets to the bullseye.