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Remote Control Vehicles – Summer Camp Program

I saw a father and son playing with a remote control car in a parking lot. I thought back to when I was 10 years old and I had a remote control car. It was a cheap Toys ‘R’ Us car, but I had a blast with that thing. Since then remote controlled vehicles have come a long way.

Then I thought, “That might make a great camp program.”

Imagine setting up a dirt track or obstacle course, and letting kids play with a remote control 4WD car or truck on it. Maybe there could be a few 4WD vehicles and the kids could race.

How about boats? Set up some buoys and have the boats run the buoy course for time.

For kids who are a little older, who need a bit of a challenge, there are remote controlled helicopters and airplanes? Learning to fly and land those things could take some time. but what a thrill.

From learning how to modify the vehicles to racing them, kids would have a blast in a program like this. The first thing to do is find a hobby shop near you and talk with someone there.

  • Do they have any suggestions on what to teach kids?
  • Which remote controlled vehicles do they suggest for a program like this?
  • Can the vehicles be modified? That can be part of the program.
  • What about decorating the vehicles with paint or stickers? Maybe the kids can make a flag and attach it.
  • If the kids wanted to get there own R/C vehicle could they get a discount at the hobby shop?

Hey, the more I write about this the more I want to do it. That’s it, I’m off to my local hobby shop. See ya.




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