If you have spent time as a team-building facilitator or adventure-based educator you probably have heard of Project Adventure. One of the people who was instrumental in the development of Project Adventure in the early 1990’s is Australian adventure-based educator Mark Collard. He is the author of No Props: Great Games with No Equipment and Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work, both published by Project Adventure Inc. and a consistently popular conference presenter.

Mark has recently gone live with his new fee-based activity resource site called Playmeo.

I took some time looking around on his site. It’s very easy to use and there are a ton of great activities on there.

At Playmeo…

  1. many of the activities have videos. You’ll watch real groups participate in the activity.
  2. there are st-by-step instructions that can be printed out or downloaded to your mobile device.
  3. different variations so you can tweak the activity to suit your group’s needs.
  4. ready to use lesson plans.
  5. leadership tips and narratives.




While this is a membership site, there are some free activities as well so you can get a feel for it. However, the cost of membership is very low, $8 month. However, if you’re interested in the site you might as well pay for the $47 annual plan – the cost of a couple of team-building books.

The way I plan on using this site is by showing some of my favorite videos during staff training and then playing them afterwards.

So what kind of activities are at Playmeo?

  1. Team-building
  2. Icebreakers
  3. Tag Games
  4. Debriefing
  5. Energizers
  6. Trust Exercises
  7. Arrival Games

Visit Playmeo now for more information.