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My Favorite Skits – The Wet Box

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The Wet Box



Rachel is standing in front of a supermarket with a box. As Johnny is passing by Rachel stops him.

Rachel: Excuse me. Would you please hold my box while I run into the supermarket to get a couple of things?

Johnny: (surprised) Um, yeah I guess I could do that.

Rachel: (grateful) Thank you so much. I’ll be right back.

Rachel exits the stage and Sandy enters.

Sandy: (curious) Hey, your box is leaking.

Johnny: What?
He looks at the bottom of the box.
Uh oh!

Sandy: What it is it?

Johnny: I don’t know. I’m just holding the box for someone.

Sandy touches the wet spot with her finger and tastes it.

Sandy: (as though she is solving a mystery) It tastes like pineapple juice. Well, maybe the person went back in the store for more pineapple juice.

Sandy exits and Mindy enters.

Mindy: (worried) Uh, your box is wet on the bottom.

Johnny: Yeah, I am just holding the box for someone. I think its pineapple juice.

Mindy: Let me check.
She touches the wet spot and tastes it.
No, it tastes more like mango juice. Hmm, now I’m thirsty. See ya.

Johnny: Bye.

Mindy exits and Luke enters.

Luke: (surfer type guy) Whoa! You’re leaking.

Johnny: (annoyed) Yeah, I know.

Luke: Let’s see. He touches the wet spot and tastes it. Lemonade?

Johnny: (still annoyed) I don’t know.

Luke shrugs his shoulders and leaves.

Rachel comes out of the store.

Rachel: (cheery) Thank you so much for holding my box.

Johnny: (tentative, not wanting to upset Rachel) Uh, it seems to be wet. Something must have spilled.

Rachel gasps and opens the box. She pulls out a puppy.

Rachel: (like an understanding mother) You naughty puppy. She grabs the box and walks off stage.

Johnny gags and runs off stage.

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