On the first day of each camp session do you introduce your staff to the kids? Some camps wait until the opening campfire to introduce the staff.
“Next up is our waterfront staff doing their skit.”

Other camps do no introductions whatsoever.
“Okay if I call off your name you are in Jessica’s cabin. Just go stand over by the flagpole.”

Why not make your camp staff introductions exciting?
The Hip Hop music starts playing loudly. On the mic, or recorded earlier, is a staff member who can impersonate Michale Buffer. “Ladies and gentlemen, Introducing Your 2009 Summer Camp Staff! He hails from San Diego, California and enjoys surfing and sushi. This is his first summer here. Please welcome…Boomer!!”
The campers go wild with applause.


No sport introduces players better than basketball (with the exceptions of boxing and mixed martial arts). Below is a video that has Michael Buffer introducing UVA basketball players. Obviously you wouldn’t be using lights and video at camp (unless you’re the coolest camp around), but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce your staff with some flair.

This summer introduce your staff as though they are rockstars. It will make the staff feel great and the campers will remember it for a long time.