Have you ever thought about creating a time capsule for camp. If so, I suggest you take it a step further by creating a time capsule every few years. Have each cabin contribute a Ziploc bag of items. Then in 20 years contact as many of the campers and staff that you can to return to camp and be a part of the opening of their time capsule.

So how do you put together a time capsule?

When It Will be Opened?
The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what year you’ll be opening the time capsule. If you want to bring campers and staff back for the opening I would suggest 20-25 years. Of course, you can choose 50 years or more if it’s designed to be opened by the next generation or so.

Where Will it Be Stored?
While burying the time capsule(s) seems appropriate there are a few reasons why you might want to refrain. You could forget where it’s buried. It could sink further down depending on where it was buried. While out of sight, out of mind has its merits, why not keep the time capsules out for viewing. Place them in a trophy case with a small plaque. If they are too big for a trophy case, consider building shelves that are out of reach around the dining hall. If you’re intent on burying them make sure your capsules are water and weather proof.

What Type of Container Will be Used?timecap
Sure, you could use an empty coffee can but is that really the best container to use? Get theĀ Smithsonian Time Capsule. You can get it on Amazon. The reviews are really good. The main idea is to protect your items from decay.

What Will be Placed Inside?
Have each cabin/group place items in the capsule. Here are some ideas:

  • a group picture
  • a shirt with all of their signatures
  • random items with a note that states why they added the item
  • sealed letters to their futures selves
  • a cabin/group letter where everyone writes their favorite camp memory
  • a recording of everyone telling each other what their best memory of camp was
  • a video of the group

Have each group place their items in a large Ziploc bad with their cabin/group name and the names of the counselors and campers.Here are some items that the you may want to add to the capsule:

  • newspaper
  • pictures of camp
  • all staff picture
  • letter to the future director
  • a dining hall menu
  • prices of camp store items
  • a brochure
  • your camp video

There are certain materials that you should not place in your capsule since they break down over time and the gases could ruin your items. Those items are anything rubber and perishable and edible items. Also, make sure your store your photos correctly.

Now fill your capsule, seal it, and mark your 2036 calendar.