This is part 2 of a 3 part series designed to give you ideas for running a Harry Potter/Hogwarts camp.

When it comes to running activities I start out with using the classes taught at Hogwarts. I also use main events of the books, like the Chamber of Secrets and the Tri-Wizard Tournament.



Transfiguration is about turning one object into another. At camp we do the Transfiguration Challenge.

  1. Separate the houses.
  2. Give each house a few colors of modeling clay.
  3. Each house sends one representative to the Transfiguration professor, who whispers to them an object (i.e. owl, broomstick, Fluffy, dragon, dementor, etc.).
  4. The house reps return to their “teams”, or houses, and try to get them to say the word by using the modeling clay. So if the word is “owl” they will usually try to make an owl from the clay.
  5. The first house to say the correct word loud enough for the professor to hear earns a point for their house.

The Transfiguration Challenge is played until you reach a certain amount of points, run out of objects or the campers begin to lose interest.

Care of Magical Creatures

Here is another class where the campers use modeling clay.

  1. Give the campers a piece of paper and some markers.
  2. Ask them to design their own magical creature.
  3. When they are finished give them modeling clay in a variety of colors.
  4. Have them create their drawn creature with the clay.
  5. Hold a contest for the scariest, most magical, most creative and best all around creatures. Winners earn house points.

Everyone gets to take their creature home at the end of the week.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

During this class campers are taught the spells they can use to defend themselves (i.e. expecto patronum, expelliarmus, impedimenta, etc.). I also have all the campers come up with their Patronus. Mine is a moose, of course. I then write down what type of animal their Patronus is for later use. You can have one of your staff dress in a dementor’s costume and come in to the classroom after you have had your Patronus lesson. The campers will do the expecto patronum spell and drive the dementor out of the room.

This class ends with dueling.


My campers love to duel. Here are the rules to dueling.

  1. Duelers must have their wands.
  2. Duelers should be from different houses.
  3. After clearing a space to duel, duelers will come to the center and bow to each other as a sign of respect. They will then return to their dueling positions.
  4. Duelers can use any spell except the unforgivable curses.
  5. The professor will count to three. On three duelers will point their wands at each other and yell out their spells.
  6. Protego will block any spell but should be followed up with an offensive spell. Preotego can only be used once per person during a single duel.
  7. The first person to completely yell out their spell wins, unless it was blocked. If a spell is blocked then the person to completely yell out their second spell wins.
  8. Each pair of duelers will duel three times. The overall winner earns a point for their house.

I print out the spells and tape, or tack, them up on the wall so that duelers can refresh their memories right before the duel. Along with the spells used for dueling I put up other spells that the campers would be interested in. If any of the campers are caught cursing other campers using one of the unforgivable curses (avada kedavra, imperio or crucio) they lose a point for their house.

Spell List


You can find a number of potions on the internet, edible and non-edible, that you campers will like. Here are the ones I choose to do at our Hogwarts camp.


Potions class is probably the most anticipated class/activity session that a Harry Potter/Hogwarts camp will have. The potions in my list were all taken from other sites. One of my biggest resources is On that site check out “Food” and “Potter Parties“. FYI, I did change some of the names of the “potions”.


Next week I’ll go over the special activities we do (Quidditch, Tri-Wizard Tournament, etc.)

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