Here’s another of my favorite games. This is a large group game – 2 or more cabins. The more the merrier. This is a favorite game of my Harry Potter program as it fits in nicely with the theme. Think of rock, paper, scissors but with teams.

Divide the group into 2 teams.
Teach the players the three characters:
Giants (Giants stand on their toes, stretch their arms over their head and growl.)
Wizards (Wizards stand straight and cast a spell by wiggling fingers and saying “Abracadabra!”)
Elves (hunch over, cup their hands on their head to make big elf ears and they squeal.)

Teams decide as a whole what character they want to be; Giants, Wizards, or Elves.
Teams then line up facing each other and are separated by a rope on the ground.
Teams then face each other while the leader counts down 3…2…1…Go!


Players imitate the characters they have chosen as a team. So the whole team will either be a giants, wizards or elves.

Giants beat Elves
Elves beat Wizards
Wizards beat Giants

The winning team then chases the losing team and attempts to tag as many of them as possible.
The losing team races to their safety zone (another rope or line that is 30’-60’ away) to avoid getting caught (tagged).
The tagged players become part of the other team.
Continue until everyone is on one team/side (or until time runs out).

In the case of a tie, where both teams choose the same character, both teams must regroup and choose a different character.

Below is a couple of videos of groups playing this awesome game.