Topic: Your Favorite Camp Theme EVER!

Posted by ratmalph

My favorite was probably the week we transported our camp to Canada. Aside from the staff member who was offended when we took down the U.S. flag and replaced it with a Canadian one at the beginning of the week (whilst singing the Canadian national anthem, of course), the programming elements were tons of fun. We did things like Hockey Night, Lumberjack games (where I learned that pancakes caked in maple syrup thrown at you at close range really hurt), the Calgary Stampede, John Candy Day, the Kids in the Dorm sketch comedy show, watched episodes of Dudley Do-Right during breakfast and had a team competition between Canadian NHL teams (past and present).

Kids I run into now several years later – who aren’t kids anymore – still talk about that week and how they begged their parents to go on vacation to Canada after that.