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This is one of my favorite group games.

FFEACH (Fast Food, Electrical Appliance, Cartoon Hero)

  • This is a charades game for 2 or more teams.
  • Each team should be far enough from the other teams that they cannot hear their answers.
  • The leader (counselor) stands at a spot that is equal distance from each team. The best spot is in the middle of all the teams. For example, if there are four teams they would be situated North, East, South and West of the leader (counselor).
  • The first player of each team stands next to the leader.
  • The leader gives the players their first word and the players run to their groups to act it out. The actor cannot talk, make sounds, or mouth words to his/her team.
  • Once a team has correctly guessed the word a new player from that team runs to the leader, tells the leader the correctly guessed word, and gets a new word to act out. Once they have received their new word they go to their team and act it out.
  • Each person must go at least once.
  • The team that guesses all the words first – wins.

I like to use 5-10 words each time I lead this game. Many times the campers will want to play again and again. This is not one of those games that will go on forever. It’s actually pretty quick. If you want the game to last I suggest you play it in rounds, 5 words in the first round, 6 words in the second round, etc. The team that wins the most rounds is the champion.

Here is a sample list of words:

Fast Food
Fried Chicken
Taco Bell
French Fries
Big Mac
Burger King
Choc. Shake
Onion Rings

Electrical Appliances
Air Conditioner
Can Opener
Coffee Maker

Cartoon Heroes
Wonder Woman
Scooby Doo
Jimmy Neutron
Bugs Bunny
Danny Phantom
Incredible Hulk
Kim Possible
Homer Simpson


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