Current Round Table

Making Camp More Inclusive

  • How are you making (or planning to make) camp more inclusive for LGBTQ

    • Best practices for staff training
    • Solutions for restrooms and changing to make everyone comfortable
    • How questions related to gender are asked on registration forms, etc.

    Or you can share how you make camp more inclusive for kids who are shy, or overweight, or have a disability, or have a certain medical condition, etc. 

    Make sure you give detailed instructions on your submission so that other camp pros can implement your idea if they choose. As always, photos, links and worksheets are welcome.

  • Please write or paste your submission in the box below or upload it below that.

    If you want to share an idea you found online, DO NOT copy and paste it from a website. Instead, share the link and write what you like about the idea and how you intend on using it.

  • Drop files here or

  • DON'T MISS OUT - Last day to participate in this round table is midnight of this Friday, January 19th.

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