Current Round Table

If I Had $1500 (or $500)

  • Every so often I'll see a Facebook post from a camp director who was gifted between $500-$1500 and wants suggestions on how they should spend the money at camp.

    For this round table I want you to:

    1. Tell me what you would do if your camp was given $500 and/or $1500. (It doesn't have to be both, but it can be). If you have been in this situation and you spent the money on something you think is incredible, please share. Include photos if possible.
    2. Explain why you would spend your money that way.
    If you have links to websites or videos of the "thing(s)" you would purchase, please share those as well.
  • Please write or paste your submission in the box below.

  • Drop files here or

  • DON'T MISS OUT - Last day to participate in this round table is midnight of this Friday, June 2nd.

    The compilation will be emailed out on Monday, June 12th.