This is a guest post by Jed Buck of Meadowbrook Country Day Camp,, in response to the comments left on the post Theme of the Day – Cruise Ship. You can reach Jed at [email protected].



We did Cruise ship week a few years ago at Meadowbrook Day Camp.  Here’s how we did it…

Each day was a different port.

Monday was a Bon Voyage party. We purchased Martinelli Sparkling Cider for “Champagne Toasts” and some games to start the event.

During the rest of the week, we “visited” a different port each day that allowed us to do fun and unique activities for each. We also played music each day that tied in with the port for that day. Throughout the week, everyone on our Leadership Team wore name-tags with their new jobs (Captain, Activity Director, Cruise Director, etc.).

As the buses pulled into Camp each morning, there was a different themed sign each day welcoming them to the specific port. We also gave each bus a passport on Monday afternoon. As they pulled into Camp each day, we put a stamp on their passport for that day’s port.

We chose the following ports with the following activities:

Bahamas: We did resort games at the pool, Caribbean decorations, a Steel Drummer at the pool, and tropical tattoos.

Alaska: We did a series of contests for campers involving “snow and ice”. Frozen t-shirt relays, fake snow (various types), snow cones, giant ski relays, etc.

Hawaii: We gave out Leis the night before and everyone dressed tropical and wore them to Camp. We used John Fogerty (Java John) for his Talking Tiki Show. Very good show, and it fit perfectly into the theme.

On Friday, we returned to New York City (which for us was “home”). We had hot pretzels and did Sidewalk Graffiti with chalk all over Camp.

As always, not every age group did every activity, and we modified everything to be age appropriate.

Thanks, Jed. If you would like to submit a guest post contact me at [email protected].