Around the World in 80 Days Theme Upgrade

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Cultural Mistakes

The last thing I’d suggest adding to your program is a lesson in cultural mistakes. Cultures are, of course, different all over the world, and what may offend one person in a certain country may be perfectly acceptable in another. While your campers are visiting the “countries” as they “travel” around the world at camp, make sure they don’t offend the locals. Here are a few examples.

Personal space varies as you travel the globe. In Thailand, the head is considered sacred. Don’t ever pat a child on the head.


Gesturing with Your Hands
Remember that hand gestures have different meanings in other countries. A thumbs-up is interpreted as an “up yours” in parts of the Middle East. An OK hand signal will offend people in Turkey.


Looking People in the Eye
In some Asian nations, prolonged eye contact will make a local uncomfortable. Don’t be offended if, when speaking with someone, they won’t look you straight in the eye.


To Take Them Off or Not
Take off your shoes when arriving at the door of a London dinner party and you’ll be seen as uncivilized, but fail to remove your shoes before entering a home in Asia and you’ll be considered disrespectful.


There are many others. Here are 20 more.

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If you have additional ideas for an Around the World in 80 Days theme, please leave them in the comments section below. Future visitors would love to hear your ideas as well.

PAGE 1 – Decorations
PAGE 2 – Opening Activities and London, England
PAGE 3 – Paris, France
PAGE 4 – Bombay, India
PAGE 5 – Hong Kong, China
PAGE 6 – Yokohama, Japan
PAGE 7 – San Francisco and New York, USA



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