Around the World in 80 Days Theme Upgrade

Travel concept mock up design. Objects related to travel and tourism around blank paper. View from above



If you are planning to visit one country per day you may want to skip making passports, but if you are planning to have campers visit multiple areas in one day then it would be fun to make passports and get them stamped when going into a new country.

There are a couple of sites that offer free international passport templates:




Recreate, in your own very special camp way, the scenarios leading up to and including the wager Fogg takes to travel around the world in 80 days through shorts skits.

Introduce Passepartout and Detective Fix.

Throughout the day’s event, or the week’s event (depending on how you are running your theme), show Fogg and Passepartout getting into crazy antics while being perused by Fix. When the skit for each area is finished the campers will explore what that country has to offer. If different groups are going to different areas at the same time, you could have the staff actors perform the whole circumnavigation of the world in one sitting.


With each location you can add decorations, games, activities, crafts, food, celebrations and costumes.

London, England


You can include a British flag, cut-outs of Big Ben, a double decker bus, and a British phone booth.


If you want to make things a little more kid friendly you could add in some Harry Potter decorations as well.


In the 1890s there was a lot of piano music. You can probably find some on iTunes, YouTube or your local library.


English is, of course, the language of England. Any staff running things in this area should attempt to speak in a British accent.


Fish and chips would be a good meal. However, there are others, like Beef Stroganoff, that would work. Here is a look at the pantry of an 1890s Victorian Kitchen.

Don’t forget the scones and biscuits (or biscuits and cookies to you Yanks).



Victorian style clothing is probably not something everyone has in their closet. Of course, you could go simple like Marry Poppins or step down to a lower class and dress like a newsie.

english fashion newsie poppins


When it comes to craft ideas here are a couple that I like:

Wooden Clothespin Soldiers 1


Wooden Clothespin Soldiers 2




Of course, you could always do some Dr. Who crafts. After all, he travels all over time and space.

Celebrations and Events

For an event consider The Queen’s Official Birthday.


Or for something more modern how about putting on your own London Fashion Week.

PAGE 1 –¬†Decorations
PAGE 3 – Paris, France
PAGE 4 – Bombay, India
PAGE 5 – Hong Kong, China
PAGE 6 – Yokohama, Japan
PAGE 7 – San Francisco and New York, USA
PAGE 8 – Cultural Mistakes


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