What!? Another 100 Themes?!

Yep. My first post of 100 Summer Camp Themes was very popular, but people contacted me for other ideas. So, I gave you 100 More Summer Camp Themes. Guess what? I still get requests for new theme ideas. After this list, I’m tapped out of ideas. My apologies if I duplicated some theme ideas between the lists.

Do you know of a theme I have not mentioned in any of the posts? Add it to the comments at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

  1. Minecraft
  2. Speed Racer
  3. Movers, Shakers, Gizmo Makers (Campers invent cool things)
  4. Lab Rats (Science!)
  5. Shipwrecked (Pirates and Survival)
  6. Shark Tank (Campers try to get “investors” for their crazy businesses)
  7. Fire and Ice
  8. Neverland
  9. Enchanted Forest
  10. Victorian
  11. Ninjas vs. Pirates
  12. Hero’s Journey
  13. Young Entrepreneurs (A specialty camp to teach entrepreneurship)
  14. Old Fashioned
  15. Outdoor Odyssey
  16. Go For the Gold
  17. Blue Skies and Sunshine (Lots of time spent outside)
  18. Laughter is the Best Medicine (Stand up comedy taught, funny music played…)
  19. Bigger and Better (Instead of a slip and slide rent a huge inflatable slide…)
  20. Pop Culture Explosion
  21. Movie Mayhem (Different movie theme each day)
  22. ComiCamp
  23. Choose Your Own Adventure (Allow campers to decide what they do at camp)
  24. Magic Treehouse (Theme based on the book series)
  25. License to Thrill
  26. Lone Wolf Week (a week of campers who don’t know anyone else – lots of friendship making)
  27. Bring a Friend Week (campers register with a friend or two)
  28. Wolfpack Week (groups of friends register together)
  29. Sibling Sensation (campers register with siblings)
  30. Contests and Competitions (Everything during the week is a contest or competition)
  31. Camp Warriors (This is for your true camp fans, the ones that register for multiple weeks, recommend your camp to others, etc.)
  32. LEGO My Eggo
  33. Storybook Summer
  34. Rescue Rangers (An exploration of fire dept., law enforcement, search and rescue, etc.)
  35. Cowpokes
  36. So Chic
  37. Birthday Celebration (Celebrating every camper’s birthday no matter what time of year it is)
  38. Glamping Week (Taking rustic camping to glamorous camping)
  39. Sailors and Mermaids
  40. It’s Cool to be a Nerd
  41. Geeky Greatness
  42. Whovians Week (Dr. Who fans)
  43. The Magic in You
  44. Cowabunga, Dude! (Surfing or Ninja Turtles – your choice)
  45. Train Your Dragon
  46. Southern Comfort (The food, hospitality, etc. of the deep south – etiquette is a must)
  47. Oh Canada
  48. British Invasion
  49. Polynesia-palooza
  50. Mysteries of the World
  51. Mysteries of the Universe
  52. Martian (Based on the book and movie, campers learn science, including botany)
  53. Off the Grid (No technology for the week, or even electricity if you really want to go for it)
  54. Wonderful World of Sports
  55. Live Video Games (Bring video games to life)
  56. Summerfest
  57. Monsters Ball (Monsters Inc, Monster High, monsters are in)
  58. Ravenous Readers (Books and reading)
  59. Minion Madness
  60. Monkey Around
  61. 5 Days of Summer (Instead of 5 Seconds of Summer…it’s boy band mania)
  62. Cartoon Craze
  63. 20 Side Die (Use a 20 sided die to randomly choose what activity is next)
  64. Plugged In Paradise (The opposite of Off the Grid)
  65. Rock the Vote (Camper vote on what activities are offered, in fact they vote on everything during this week)
  66. Color War
  67. My Style (All about fashion)
  68. Mac Attack (iPhone movie making and anything else that uses Apple products)
  69. Maker Camp (Campers make things, from music to teddy bears and more)
  70. Card Game Chaos (Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.)
  71. And the Crowd Goes Wild! (Campers have a chance to get on stage and perform)
  72. Beyond the Board Games (Life size board games)
  73. The Show Must Go On
  74. Back to the Drawing Board
  75. If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen (Cooking camp)
  76. Heads Up (Kites, high ropes, and anything else that is up in the air)
  77. Kit and Caboodle
  78. Birds of a Feather (Campers with similar interests explore their passions)
  79. Flintstones vs Jetsons (Prehistoric vs. Future)
  80. Sound of Music (All about music making)
  81. Wheels Go Round (Bikes, skateboards, and anything else that has wheels)
  82. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes (Box forts, cardboard boats, etc)
  83. Robo Days (All about robots)
  84. Greener on the Other Side
  85. The 7 Kingdoms (Campers are divided into teams and create their own Empires)
  86. Settlers of Camp (Based on the game Settlers of Catan)
  87. Retro (Music, activities and more from the past)
  88. More Than Meets the Eye (Transformers – campers transform one thing into another using supplies you provide)
  89. Wheel of Themes (A spin of the prize wheel decides what the next day’s theme will be)
  90. Risky Business (Activities that have an element of perceived risk are highlighted)
  91. The One Thing (Each camper chooses an activity and does it all week long)
  92. Pathfinders (Campers choose a path of activities like sports, acting, cooking, etc.)
  93. Rites of Passage (A coming of age week)
  94. One Shot
  95. Campers vs Counselors
  96. Builders
  97. The Game of Life (For older campers to learn skills that will be important in life)
  98. On Stage
  99. Grab Bag
  100. Dystopia (A program based off the young adult dystopian books that are so popular these days)