Did you watch the Academy Awards last night?

How cool would it be if there were and Awards Show for camps? Hey ACA, let’s start something here, huh.

Here are the categories I would like to see:

  • Best Camp
  • Best Director
  • Best Program Director
  • Best Specialty Camp
  • Best Day Camp
  • Best Residential Camp
  • Best Travel Camp
  • Best Male Unit Leader
  • Best Female Unit Leader
  • Best Male Counselor
  • Best Female Counselor
  • Best Activity Specialist
  • Best Theme Week
  • Best Website
  • Best Logo
  • Best Overall Marketing
  • Best Theme Meal

Can you think of any other categories?

Maybe there’s no awards show for camps (yet!), but we should all strive to be the best. So this summer imagine that there is an Academy Awards for Camps and you are trying to get nominated.

Be Award worthy!