This is a guest post by James Davis.

As a director who knows what it’s like to sit in the office as part of a really small team of year round staff, I know how overwhelming it can be to try and figure out how to get from mid-February to the first day of camp.

There’s hiring staff, planning staff training, planning summer camp program, marketing & camper recruitment, facilities preparation, fundraising, meeting with a board of directors, and for many camps, hosting user groups. And, if you’re like me, you probably stayed in camping because of a passion for one or two of these areas. I was basically a good camp counselor who wanted to do this year round – and now I was supposed to run the camp as a business?


It felt like I had bitten off a lot more than I could chew. I searched the internet for resources that would help me with the various aspects of camp where I felt uncomfortable (I actually even found this post, and modified some of these themes for activities at our camp!).

And then I went to my first camp conference, and it hit me: there are people who HAVE figured out most of the aspects of running camp. They just share their information at conferences. But hunting from conference to conference for the best ideas was time consuming, and there was no guarantee that you’d be able to solve the exact problem you’re working on.

I was discussing this with some colleagues in camping – Travis and Beth Allison from CampHacketer.tv, and Jack Schott and Laura Kriegel from Camping Coast to Coast – and it occurred to us: what if we were able to find the best resources in camping, from what we’ve put together, and what we can learn from others, and made them available online?

So, that’s what we’re doing. We’re combining our joint knowledge, experience, and expertise from our very different areas of specialization while trying to fill in the gaps from people in camping whom we trust to deliver a year-round conference experience for camp directors. GoCamp.Pro is a membership site for camp professionals.

Inside Go Camp Pro we offer:

  1. A bustling private discussion group that wrestles with everything from big issues in camping to how to solve minor problems.
  2. Printable resources, from games, to staff training documents, and more, that you can use right away.
  3. High-quality courses that can help you learn the stuff you don’t know already from sources you trust.
  4. Our time – we’ll go out and find answers to problems you have, or discuss issues you’re having with you personally.

boy_thumbsup_compressedBasically, we hope to save camp directors time by offering solutions to problems we’ve already solved, and hunting down answers to problems we haven’t solved yet. That way, camp directors’ precious time can be used doing what they do best – interacting with campers and parents, setting the long term vision for camp, and so on – and less time figuring out how Facebook ads work, or whatever.

It’s still a work in progress, and there’s more to come, but we’re really excited to contribute to hopefully bringing more kids to better camps worldwide.

James Davis is a co-director of Camp Stomping Ground as well as a co-founder of GoCamp.Pro.

I (Moose) am not an affiliate of Go Camp Pro. In fact I joined the site and paid the membership fee like everyone else. I am excited about the community of camp pros that have joined and the resources that are available and yet to come. If you have any questions about the site feel free to email me or anyone from Go Camp Pro.