2018 Round Table Leaderboard

This year you can earn rewards for your participation in the monthly round tables.

The better your submission is, the more points you’ll earn. Everyone gets 10 points just for participating, as long as the submission qualifies (is on topic, has some explanation and not just one or two sentences, and doesn’t need a lot of editing with grammar and punctuation).

For each round table you can earn up to 100 points. Earn additional points by adding images, files, or links to other sites or videos in you submission. Go into step-by-step instructions and you’ll earn more points. Earn a max of 100 points by being our editor’s pick. Also, you’ll earn bonus points for participating in multiple round tables.

Rewards start at 250 points and have not been decided on yet. I should have those worked out by the April. Until then, here are the points listing for everyone who has participated so far this year.

Thanks to all those who have participated so far this year.



170 Jennifer D
150 Tory T
100 Ashley S
100 Elizabeth O
100 Illisa E
100 Meghan F
100 Sandra S



This list is alphabetical by first name.

70 Ali S
60 Allison V
20 Andrea B
20 Andrea S
40 Andrea W
10 Andy B
70 Anna H
100 Ashley S
20 Benjamin S
40 Bernadette K
20 Caroline S
20 Chris G
40 Chris S
90 Cindy G
30 Dan L
40 Dana C
50 Daniel G
20 Dave M
20 Dawn P
20 Diane S
10 Elinor B
100 Elizabeth O
10 Gilbert S
20 Harriet F
60 Heidi C
60 Hillary K
100 Illisa E
40 Jacquie L
20 Jean H
10 Jen A
170 Jennifer D
20 Jessica B
50 Julia B
10 Karen C
20 Kathy G
40 Kim H
40 Kris S
70 Laura S
40 Leah F
40 Lisa R
50 Maggie K
40 Mary L
20 Mary O
10 Maryclaire F
100 Meghan F
50 Melissa J
10 Michele P
20 Michelle S
40 Mike D
40 Nikki B
20 Owen L
20 Patty P
20 Peanut H
70 Peter B
60 Philip R
40 Rhonda S
40 Sam L
40 Sandra M
100 Sandra S
20 Sandy P
20 Shelby N
70 Sophie S
60 Stephanie P
30 Sue B
50 Sue R
40 Tink R
20 Tom M
150 Tory T
40 Tricia K
20 Vanessa D